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Honus Capital

Passion Is What Got Us Here. 

Who We Are

We are professional entrepreneurs obsessed with the journey and exist to help companies navigate the choppy waters of success.  We do this by investing not only capital, but also our sweat.  We aren’t afraid to lace up our spikes and dig in deep.  

What We Do

We hustle. We grind. We repeat.
In addition to capital, we combine our experience and network to develop a winning strategy.  We’re battle-tested and understand that success is a long game, so if it goes extras, well, who doesn’t love free baseball? 

Why We Do It

Simply put, for the love of business.  
When we step into the box, we expect to a get hit every time.   But we aren’t naive either and understand that just like in baseball, sometimes with investing, you strike out.  Either way, we’re swinging for the fences


Our Lineup

Ross and Snow

Blue Air Training

DTP Companies

Carson’s Kitchen

Flippin Good

Nacho Daddy

Life is Beautiful Festival

Heart Attack Grill

Don’t Be Shy

Our Founder

“I’m passionate about working with the CEOs and Founders of these companies. Their work inspires me to get up every day and help in creating opportunities within the community, people, and employees.”

Fred Mossler, Founder and Chief Business Builder

Your Next Big Idea

Honus Capital is dedicated to helping you on your pursuit of passion. Contact us today to see how we can help you with your next big idea.